Freepik Review

Read this in-depth Freepik review if you want to make a wise decision.

Here, we will be reviewing Freepik, an online library of assets used by graphic designers. There are millions of options, from photos to templates, with vector- and raster-based downloads.

Freepik even has a completely free plan where you can download up to 5 assets a day, indefinitely. This web app has resources for everyone.

Freepik was founded in 2010 by Alejandro Blanes, Pablo Blanes, and Joaquín Cuenca with the dream of creating a place where designers could get free resources easily without hassle.

It has now grown to 18 million users and over 100 million monthly downloads. The company has even expanded, adding new ventures like Flaticon, Storyset, and Slidesgo to their repertoire.

Is Freepik right for you? Let’s take a look.

Pros and Cons


  • Good Resource Library: Freepik boasts having over 4.5 million graphic resources at their disposal. They have everything from vectors, photoshop files, photos, icons, mockups, presentation templates, illustrations, and more.
  • Good Value: Freepik offers a free pricing plan, open to use indefinitely. Their premium plan is reasonably priced, especially compared to the market.
  • Fast Learning Curve: Freepik is easy to use. The interface is clean, letting you search for assets easily without fuss. The pricing model is transparent, letting users on free plans easily navigate the site without feeling duped by a paywall.


  • Overused Templates: Millions of other users use the same templates as you. Meaning, if you want your work to look unique and original, there is a good chance someone else used the same design.
  • Fewer Resources than competitors: While Freepik is continuously growing and providing more options, the library is still much smaller than competitors like Adobe Stock or Shutterstock. Freepik has 4.5 million assets. Adobe Stock has over 200 million and has additional assets such as effects, video footage, and music.

Short Verdict

Freepik is great for someone needing templates, stock images, and graphics on a budget. They have Photoshop assets as well as vectors, with millions of options to choose between. Freepik provides great resources to complement your project.


Freepik’s main purpose is to be an online database with millions of downloadable assets. They give you a ton of variety and make the process as easy as possible. 

You can search for an asset by using keywords, filtering by type, or by looking at the most popular/recent uploads. You can get vectors, photos, photoshop files, or icons. They are easy to download and professionally made. All assets go through a rigorous review process before being added to the Freepik library.

freepik template page

If you have a free account, you must give attribution to Freepik. When you have a Premium account, you don’t need to give attribution. You get the full license for these assets with permission for use on any commercial or personal project.

The only caveat is you cannot resell templates, and you are not allowed to trademark assets from Freepik.

Freepik has a blog where you can learn how to make awesome content using Freepik downloads. These lessons help elevate your graphic design game.

freepik company blog

Freepik has an editor still in beta testing. Here, you can pick out and customize a template right in Freepik. You can upload your own photos or use images from Freepik or the Pexels library.

freepik editor new image

Clearly, Freepik gives you a ton of resources. You can craft a flyer from templates or pull assets to enhance your current design. For the price of free or a low monthly fee, Freepik makes your time worthwhile.


Product Regular Price Discounted Price
Adobe Creative Cloud $52.99/month Check here
Freepik Free No Discount

Let’s explore Freepik’s pricing options:

  • Free: $0/month, forever. You get thousands of free resources. The catch, however, is that you must attribute the author whenever you use the content. You also don’t get access to premium content, and you have a download limit of 2 per day (5 per day if you are a registered free user).
  • Premium: $14.99/month for the monthly commitment, $119.99/year for the yearly commitment. You get a discount if you pay on an annual basis. If you use the monthly commitment, you could add up to $179.88/year.

    You get access to all resources, including Premium, and you have the full license with no attribution required. You have a limit of 100 downloads per day. You get priority support and no ads.

freepik premium offers

Freepik’s subscription plans are reasonable. You can try out the program using the free version, and they offer monthly and yearly rates. In return, you get templates, stock photos, vectors, and PSD files, great assets to get you started.

In Comparison to Competition

Let’s examine Freepik in comparison to common competitors such as Adobe Stock or Shutterstock.

Adobe Stock is very expensive with complicated pricing plans. They do monthly and yearly commitments, offering set numbers of assets per month. While you can rollover the assets from month-to-month, you lose any credits left on your account when you cancel the subscription.

Shutterstock is also very expensive, with on-demand packs and subscription plans that rack up fees fast.

freepik adobe stock

Meanwhile, Freepik’s pricing is simple. You get unlimited downloads, 100 per day as a premium user. If you are a free user, you get up to 5 a day, with no charge at all. Adobe Stock and Shutterstock have no plans like this.

What do the competitors have that Freepik doesn’t? Well, Freepik does not have nearly as many choices in type or number of assets. Freepik does not have video, audio, 3D, or video effect resources.

They also have much lower totals than Adobe Stock that boasts over 200 million assets at their disposal. While Freepik only has 4.5 million.

So, which is better? It depends on what you’re looking for. Freepik gives you a good value for unlimited downloads. Competitors may have more choices but come with a hefty price tag. Choosing which option is best for you depends on your resource needs and budget.


Freepik continues to add new downloads daily with the Freepik Contributor program. Here, artists enroll to upload new designs to their site. This process keeps Freepik ever-growing and constantly churning out new templates and assets, keeping their content relevant and fresh.

Freepik also has sister web apps created by the same founder. Flaticon, Slidesgo, Storyset, and the Freepik Editor(still in Beta version) are available for you to use, part of the same founding family.

Having additional applications help support the main could increase the audience for the brand as a whole. They also give users additional resources to look into.

Millions of users use Freepik. As of right now, over 18 million people currently benefit from it. The user base continues to grow, increasing the chance of long-term success for Freepik. At this rate, it will be around for a long time.


In terms of compatibility, Freepik is entirely a web-based application. You can access it from anywhere and use it on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Freepik has four types of files that you can download, vectors, PSD files, icons, and images. Vectors will be in encapsulated postscript (.eps), recommended to be opened using Adobe Illustrator. Errors could happen using other software.

Photos will be in JPG format. PSD files are for Adobe Photoshop. Other programs open .psd files, but Photoshop is recommended. Lastly, icons come in .svg, .eps, .png, .psd, or Base 64, able to open in a variety of programs.

Freepik recommends using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to open their files optimally. So, this means that the operating system can be used on both Windows and Mac, but not always Linux. It depends on what software you use.

The program also works in conjunction with its three sister apps, Flaticon, Slidesgo, and Storyset. While these apps don’t work together directly, navigation and organization are very similar across the board. This similarity makes switching from program to program easier than ever.

Flaticon is a huge database of free icons. The icons are varied in style, ranging from detailed complex pieces to clean and simple. There are over three million options to choose from.

freepik flaticon

Slidesgo has free google slide themes and PowerPoint templates. You can search for a theme, filtering by category tag, looking through their extensive catalog. All of the assets are customizable, ready to tailor to your project.

Storyset contains hundreds of illustrated concepts. They are organized by style. You can customize them, changing the main color, the background (depending on the template), and play with animation in the editor. Storyset helps you illustrate ideas quickly and effectively with beautiful visual representation.

Freepik is pretty compatible, able to be used on all devices, both Mac and Windows, and with assets that have industry standard file types. You can also use Freepik with the many sister apps, giving you additional resources.

Learning Curve

Freepik is easy to learn, with an intuitive interface and organized resources. The main page gets straight to the point, so you can start searching for relevant assets. The pricing is simple, divided into only two plans. Getting started in Freepik is easy!

Freepik only has one tier above free. Their assets are divided into free and premium assets, making it simple for the user to know which ones are off-limits if you have a free plan.

Many competitors have paywalls, or feature traps, blocking you from assets or tools based on your subscription tier.

The setups can be hidden and annoying, placed so when you are already half-way done with a project, you feel forced to buy the additional feature. Tricking a client into buying a product is both deceiving and annoying.

Freepik does the opposite of this. The founders made Freepik with the intention of creating a free resource library for creators. They saw the gap in accessible resources for all and decided to make it happen. They made their pricing model transparent and easy to follow, focusing on getting what you need for a project with as little fuss as possible.

Freepik’s library of support resources is extensive. There are tutorials on asset creation basics like “How to Create a .csv” file in their learning portal.

They also go into depth about their website, doing beginner tutorials, making usage guides, giving you copyright information, license FAQ, attribution, and more.

freepik support

If you still can’t find an answer to your question, you can also submit a request directly online. The support staff will get back to you ASAP.

Freepik is simple to use. You can jump right in without learning a guide or going step-by-step in a tutorial. The assets are ready and organized, easily accessible.

Earning on Freepik

If you are a creator, you can sell your creations directly on Freepik. The earnings are not a fixed price per download but rather a calculated price based on the number of subscribers that day and the number of downloads.

Freepik takes RPI, return per image, into account. This value fluctuates based on the number of downloads, acceptance rate, and uploading frequency.

All content for Freepik must be 100% original, with every aspect of the design created by you and not an external source. If you see your work being used unauthorized, you can contact Freepik to resolve the issue and get content flagged. Also, all contributor work will be labeled as premium content.

When creating, you need to follow guidelines established by Freepik. These guidelines keep assets at a higher quality level and give them a sense of continuity and familiarity.

Since the content on Freepik is made by thousands of different users, these guidelines highlight bad practices, organization tips, and set technical requirements.

When you first start, you submit 20 resources to Freepik. If they get rejected, you have one more chance to make changes/submit new work. If this second 20-item batch is rejected, then your contributor account will be blocked, and you will not be accepted as a contributor.

Each asset can take up to 20 business days to be reviewed. Your work can be rejected for many reasons, including a lack of commercial viability, similar submissions, recycled elements, outdated content, etc.

There are also automatic rejects for filetypes, no preview file, resolution too high or low, corrupted files, and more. 

As you contribute, you can rise in Contributor levels.

  • In level one, you must upload 20 assets to Freepik via the Web Upload Method. The Freepik team will review the work to see if it meets the requirements. To go from level one to level two, you must have 20 uploads published.
  • In level two, you will have between 20-100 assets. You will upload them via the Web Upload Method. To move past this level, you will need to have 100 assets published.
  • At level three, you can upload between 20-1000 files at a time. You can start using the FTP Upload Method.

An important item to note is that published assets must remain on Freepik for at least a year before removal. Per the contract that you sign from Freepik, they get to keep them up for at least a year as part of the agreement. If they have been up more than a year, you can send a link to support to get it taken down.


How do you use Freepik? Let’s do a mini-tutorial showing just that. I need a square flyer promoting my band, “The London Eye.” I need an eye-catching template with some pretty stock photos. Let’s see what we can find.

  • First, I enter a search using the phrase “band flyer template.” Immediately, I get all these options.
freepik flyer templates
  • I want a Photoshop file, so I go into Filters and make my filter adjustment. I could choose Vectors, Photos, PSD, or Icons. I check the PSD file requirement, and the selection instantly reacts. The crown options signify premium content.

    If you don’t have a paid subscription, you can’t use this content. Free users can only use the free content.

freepik searching for london eye
  • I like this fun option. I click into it, selecting it. The template opens up, showing me more details such as the creator and template type. I hit the yellow Download button.
freepik downloading premium template
  • The file downloads as a ZIP file, and I get both a PSD file and a JPEG version of the image. When I open it up in Adobe Photoshop, everything is perfect. The layers are neatly organized, allowing me for easy editing.
freepik open template on photoshop
  • Now, I can start making this flyer all my own. As I clicked on the text layers, I realized that I was missing some of the text in my document.

    I wrote down the missing text fonts and then went to to find and download the missing fonts. DaFont is easy to use and free. Here, I found my fonts and quickly installed them on my computer.

    It is important to note that all fonts used in Freepik resources will be available as a free font. Contributors are required to use free fonts for their projects.

freepik editable text layer on photoshop
  • Next, I edited the text layers to fit my project.
freepik some illustration workon photoshop
  • After adding in my information by editing the text layers, I realize that I would like the London Eye image overlayed on the flyer. So, back to Freepik we go. I searched for illustrations of the London Eye. This one looks great.
freepik searching for london eye
freepik downloading the london eye
  • The file is a vector file. I open it in Illustrator, copying the layer I want, and paste it into Photoshop. I choose “Smart Object” for the layer.
freepik open the downloaded illustration file
freepik drop down the illustration work on photoshop layer
  • I found the constellation layer too distracting, hiding it. I then dragged the Ferris wheel layer to underneath the text and over the background. I also masked it, hiding parts of the image that I don’t want.
freepik flayer is done
  • And now I am done! I can share this on social media or print it to make physical flyers. Making this from start to finish took less than 30 minutes. It’s professional, clean, and ready to go.
freepik to post

Doing projects with Freepik is simple from beginning to end. The templates are organized and easy to manipulate. Downloading and searching for an asset is intuitive. I don’t have to worry about licensing, especially with a paid account. The program couldn’t be more effortless. 

Final Verdict

Freepik is a great option for creators looking for professional templates and beautiful stock images. They have millions of assets at their disposal. They even have a free plan as well as reasonably priced paid ones. Freepik is a fantastic choice for budget-friendly.

Compared with other programs on the market, Freepik is a great value, giving you unlimited lifetime downloads with their Premium subscription. Competitors, like Adobe Stock or Shutterstock, charge hundreds more, costing you a fortune.

Freepik, however, doesn’t have everything. Adobe Stock has over 200 million assets, dwarfing Freepik’s number of 4.5 million. And Adobe Stock and Shutterstock both have video and musical assets, which Freepik does not.

If you need video stock and music in addition to templates and assets, one of these other programs may be a better choice. If you don’t need these additional resources and are looking for a budget option, Freepik is a great program for you.

Overall, Freepik founders succeeded in creating a free library resource for all, keeping it simple but powerful. Choosing Freepik is a good decision. 

Frequently asked questions

Is Freepik legal?

Freepik is a legal business with resources for both personal and commercial projects. However, it is important to know that graphics downloaded on Freepik cannot be trademarked or resold as templates of your own. 

Are Freepik images free?

Freepik offers both free and premium content. Freepik has free images for you to use with the caveat that you must give attribution.

What is Freepik?

Freepik is a resource site for graphic designers looking for downloadable templates, illustrations, vector assets, photos, and PSD files. They have free and premium subscription plans.

How do I download PSD from Freepik?

To download a PSD, first find your file using the filter settings to look for PSD files only. Once your file has been selected, click on it and hit the green download button to obtain the asset.

How much can I earn on Freepik?

There is no hard limit to how much you can earn for Freepik. Your payments will be based on the earnings accumulated from the number of downloads of your published assets on Freepik.